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Happy Mothers Day 2018: Mother, the most precious person in the life of every being. The love of mother with their children cannot be described in words. One cannot huckstered the pain of a mother even he devote his life. Mother really deserved Mothers day which is celebrated on 13th May each year.

Different people celebrate this day in their own style. Some give surprise parties & Mothers day cake to their mother’s. Some give gifts & cards. People decorate their mom’s room to try to make mother worthy person of their life. Succeeding generation celebrate it on social media via share posts, regard mother on their status, quoting & posting poems about mother.

Mothers Day 2018 Poems:

This beautiful is by By Rudyard Kipling

If I were hang on the highest hill

Mother O’ mine Mother O’mine

I know your prayers will save me

Mother O’mine Mother O’ Mine

If I were drowned in the deepest sea

Mother O’ mine Mother O’mine

I know your tears would come down to me

Mother O’ mine Mother O’mine

Mothers Day Images & Greetings 2018:

Find Mothers day images free, Mothers day Wishings & mothers day Pictures below:

<img src=”happy-mothers-day-3.png” alt=”mothers day Images”/>

Mothers Day images


<img src=”happy-mothers-day.jpg” alt=”mothers day Images”/>

Happy mothers day images


<img src=”mother-is-the-best.jpg” alt=”mothers day Images”/>

Mother is the best

Mothers Day 2018 Quotes:

Here are the some mothers day quotes, you can dedicate to your mother which are given below:

  • You gave me Good Mother, I shall give you good nation– Napoleon
  • It will took days & nights to write a mother’s resume.
  • Paradise is under the feet of mother.
  • A good mother is worth hundreds of schoolmasters-George Herbert
  • There is nothing in earth which my mother can’t find 🙂
  • Mother’s prayers always with you to help you step you out of all difficulties.
  • The safest place for the child is mother’s lap.

Mothers Day 2018 What’s app Status:

  • Person who taught me to walk, eat & speak-my mother. Mother you awake at nights to comfort me when i was infant. I often may fight u, but my anger can’t last than a minute. I need you, I love you. Mother, you are blessing to our family. May you bless with health & happiness – Happy Mothers Day.
  • There are no words , hugs & kissess in this world to express how much i love you- Happy Mothers Day.
  • I never defray the efforts you made for me. Those moments you spent in pain to comfy me, i never defray them. You are the best mom in the world. You are the Best gift of my life. Love u Mom

Mothers Day 2018 Wishes & Messages:

  • It’s Mother Day Mom, Take off the Load from you. It’s Your Day. What i am today is all because of my mother.
  • Happy Mother’s day to the Superwoman of our house. You are the coolest, smartest & fearless. You are our world & no-one hold the world much better like you do. May you have come more!
  • Mother always think twice, once for herself & 2nd for her Child.

On each mother’s day children try to express by their own way to express how much they love their mom. This is very warm day & mother deserves this. Hope you people find my page useful in greeting your mom . Happy Mother’s day


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