Brazil Vs Costa Rica (2-0) Highlights | Brazil Found itself lucky in Overtime

Brazil Vs Costa Rica Highlights

90min+7: Neymar, Last but not Least & Goodbye Costa Rica

90min+1: It’s Not Neymar but Coutinho is the man brought smile to Brazil Face

Punishment WIPED OUT!  79 min: Bjorn Kuipers hurries to the side of the pitch, views the screen, keeps running back to the Costa Rica territory and upsets his choice! He’s chose that there wasn’t adequate contact on Neymar! Brazil can’t trust it. Neymar’s day deteriorates.

Punishment TO BRAZIL!  78 min: Brazil control through the center. Costa discovers Jesus, who rearranges the ball to Neymar. He’s sure about the left yet he chooses to attempt one more trap and cut back inside. Gonzalez inclines in, puts his arm on Neymar and a punishment’s granted!

61 min: A Costa Rica assault separates and Neymar has sections of land of room in which to wander on the left. He attempts to discharge Costa on the left. The winger can’t control the pass and needs to recover the ball on the right. When he’s set that, he discovers Jesus, who sees his shot blocked.

Brazil Vs Costa Rica (2-0) Goals

57 min: Costa Rica counter assault, with Brazil dwarfed, however a poor touch from Bolanos enables Miranda to make a handle. What a waste.

Thus a frustrating first half arrives at an end. Costa Rica will be cheerful however Brazil’s dissatisfaction is substantial. Neymar must be driven far from an irate conflict with Bjorn Kuipers, the Dutch arbitrator who has given him scarcely any choices in the initial 45 minutes. This is pleasantly balanced, regardless of whether the football has come up short.

30 min: Coutinho cuts inside from the left, into Coutinho region, however he twists a right-footed shot over from 25 yards.

Brazil Team: Alisson; Danilo, Thiago Silva, Miranda, Marcelo; Fernandinho, Casemiro; Coutinho, Willian, Neymar; Firmino

Costa Rica Team: Navas; Gamboa, Gonzalez, Acosta, Duarte, Calvo; Campbell, Guzman, Borges, Ruiz; Urena

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